Like all my work, including the selections in this collection, Harmony reflects my sincere wish that there be harmony between humanity and the natural world around us. Through allegory and playful symbolism, I express my painting thesis and at the same time hope to show viewers the breathtaking beauty in a mythical world where this harmony exists. I strive for images of natural balance, reflecting odd, unexpected beauty and mystery in order to create a dialog between humanity and our fragile environment. I hope to create a dialogue among my paintings, my viewers and me. My lush, realistically rendered images ask more questions than they answer about our relationship with nature. I hope that while exploring Harmony and my other bodies of work, viewers will find beauty in places they never thought to look.

“The balance between a surrealist pattern of detailed images and the under image “witness” suggests a mashup of the 16c Milanese painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo and the 20c. Swiss painter Rene Magritte.”
— Professor Emeritus, NYU, John Torreano


Catcher, acrylic on linen, 36 x 24 inches

Eexhibited at Monmouth Museum, NJ