After Party
Created in my Manhattan studio.

In this body of work the human and natural world melt into one. Humans and animals coexist in a natural utopian democracy.  I combine elements of reality and fantasy to shed a new light on the interrelationship between humans and the natural world around us.The animals in these paintings function as symbols and provide subtle clues and playful suggestions about my work. The reappearing wings transport us to alternate realities. We as humans fit with nature so beautifully that viewers never even question the visual liberties I take while painting, for example, a cake for a hat, butterflies as bowties, and human/butterfly hybrids. Instead, observers are free to find beauty in places where they never before thought to look.
Working on these and the Garden Party paintings, I did not know I was painting a garden party. Upon completion, observing them lounging against my studio walls, though, I knew just where I was–at a garden party among my “guests.” And who doesn’t like a party?

Garden Party
Madame Garden Party, mixed media on linen, 40 x 30 inches  

Exhibited at The Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, NY