One day several years ago, to pass the exiled time while my studio was having skylights installed, I started writing. Much to my amazement, I discovered I could do it. The reason it came so easily is that painting and writing are similar skills; they both involve storytelling. With this newfound confidence I decided to send out a (mostly) monthly email newsletter highlighting my current work, upcoming exhibitions and musings on painting, the creative process and life in general. Renee Philips, Director and Curator of Manhattan Arts International, emailed me after reading an issue I called Out of the Blue: “I love this. It's among the very best articles I've ever read by an artist. You kept me spellbound throughout the entire reading.”

She reposted it on, a site through which she mentors artists, with this introduction:

“I would love artists to read a shining example of what an artists' blog post and/or email news to announce an exhibition should look like.

...when I received Susan McLaughlin’s awesome e-newsletter today I was over the moon!...If you’re like me, you’ll love her compelling paintings and be transfixed and entertained by her e-newsletter. She shows off her superb artistic talent, writing skills, knowledge, and sense of humor in an informative and clever style. She promotes her next exhibition, includes the notorious art dealer Larry Gagosian, and even teaches us a new word “palimpsest.”

You can peruse a selection of recent newsletters here. If you enjoyed these samples and would like to read more about my work and life, please subscribe.